The Frozen star is the latest celebrity to voice her opinion on gender equality, which has become a hot-button topic in Hollywood in recent months, and in an essay Kristen wrote for the White House channel on the blogging platform Medium on Tuesday (14Jun16), the actress urges women to be proud of the feminine traits often dismissed as "weak".

Titled Why Being Girly Is A Good Thing, she begins by giving her "flammable opinion" that women are not equal to men and goes on to clarify that while she believes each gender should have equal power and wages, there are clear differences between the sexes which have been "openly viewed as female weaknesses; creating a chasm between men and women," and she asks, "Who decided these differences were weak?"

"I’d like to add my voice to so many who have chosen to flip the narrative and see these disparities as beautiful, unconquerable and inspiring," she writes. "We are often called sensitive, emotional and non-confrontational. Hey ladies, guess what? These all go into the 'pro' column!... My intuition is telling me that if we encourage women to embrace these very things that make us unique, there are truly no boundaries."

Kristen doesn't believe every woman fits into "a certain box" or that "every female experience is shared", but she celebrates the fact that every woman brings something to the table "that only she can"

"This ever-long journey toward equality demands that we, as females, actually embrace our inequalities and value them as superpowers," she adds. "As we approach a very exciting time in history, I am hopeful that the future holds wider thinking, power through inclusion and a generosity of spirit. You know, all things girly."