The Hunger Games star headed back to Louisville ahead of her family Christmas celebrations, and she decided to drop in unexpectedly at the Kosair Children's Hospital, where she happily posed for photos with sick fans and chatted to staff members.

Veronica Tracie's daughter Bria was among the lucky few to receive a visit from Jennifer, and she claims the pleasant surprise really lifted her girl's spirits.

"She was very sweet, genuine, and I could sense the beauty of her soul," Veronica explains. "You know how some people just light up the room, or you just feel comfortable in their presence?"

Bailey Fullen, whose sister is a patient at the medical facility, also heaped praise on the star for taking the time out of her holiday season to spend with fans.

"I hope everyone who loves Jennifer as much as we do gets to meet her one day," she wrote on "It's an amazing experience and she is the kindest person ever."

Jennifer also visited patients at Kosair Children's Hospital before Christmas last year (14), while she stopped by the Shriners Hospital in Montreal, Canada while filming X-Men: Apocalypse there in August (15).