Jennifer Lawrence encouraged Catt Sadler to quit E! News following a row over equal pay.

The 'Silver Linings Playbook' actress - who famously highlighted the issue of the gender pay gap in an open letter about her 'American Hustle' salary in 2015 - was an invaluable source of support to the 44-year-old presenter, who quit her role with the network 18 months ago after learning her co-host Jason Kennedy was being paid twice as much as her, and Catt is thankful to have such a ''fearless'' friend.

She said: ''When I made my decision to leave E!, I looked to a lot of the forces in my life, females that had done really brave things, and who stood up for what they believed in. She was absolutely one of those people to me, that doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk.

''I did consult her before I made my decision and she was so supportive, fearless and encouraging. It's friendships like that, females like that, that we all need in our circle!''

Catt has now launched her own podcast, 'Naked with Catt Sadler', which sees inspirational women invited into her bedroom and asked to remove something as she interviews them.

Jennifer was one of the first to record her episode and Catt was delighted to have her ''bold'' and ''unapologetic'' pal on the podcast because she was the perfect guest.

She told People magazine: ''[Jennifer] embodies everything that this podcast is about, which is letting it all hang out and not being overly precious about what you say. It's about really going there about the deep things and the fun things, and not censoring yourself.

''Jennifer is very comfortable in her skin, we've become friends, and I've been to her house once when literally she just wore a robe the entire time I was there. So, she is a bit of an exhibitionist I guess!''