Life after filming Hunger Games has dramatically changed Jennifer Lawrence 's life. The 21 year-old actress has found herself at the centre of a great deal of media attention since promotion began for the novel adaptation of The Hunger Games, which is scheduled for release on March 23, 2012. Not all of the attention has been welcomed by the young actress, though, as she explained in an interview with MTV News.
I get photographers hiding in my bushes," she said, of her newfound fame. "We're way past autographs. We're into being stalked and followed." As Lawrence prepares for tonight's red carpet premiere of The Hunger Games, she also talked about the trepidation of facing the opinions of the fans of the original book. She told Mtv "During filming, I really liked everything what I was seeing. I liked everything that Gary was doing. Then I saw it, and it was all there," Lawrence said. "It's always hard for me watching because I think I am a horrible troll and I'll never work again. Overall, I think everybody else in the movie is fantastic, and I think the film itself is really good." She added that, aside from the stalking paparazzi, "Everyone's been really nice fortunately," though added that the movie's onto out yet, which is when the serious judgment will start, of course.