Jennifer Lawrence loves being ''hands on'' over Christmas.

The 26-year-old actress has been able to throw herself wholeheartedly into the festive season, because she has a ''bomb-ass wallet'' to fund her spending spree in Toys 'R' Us for the children in her family.

The blonde beauty said: ''I actually like to be hands on and go into Toys 'R' Us because I have like, kind of a bomb-ass wallet now and I didn't when I used to go into Toys 'R' Us.

''I'd be like, 'Spongy, stretchy keychain' and now I'm like, 'They want that!' I have fun doing that now.''

And 'The Hunger Games' star - who plays the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in the fantasy films - has revealed she gets ''excited'' about buying children's presents.

She told E! News: ''[I] always gets excited about getting the kids' stuff.''

Although Jennifer has admitted she is enthusiastic about shopping for presents for the little ones in her family, the actress has revealed she has grown close enough to her 'Passengers' co-star Chris Pratt to know the best gifts to give him this year.

Speaking about the items she thinks will be on the 37-year-old actor's Christmas list, she said: ''Anything that has to do with fishing, hunting, anything you can get from bass pro shops, he would love,'' she said about Pratt.''

Meanwhile, Jennifer has revealed she ''knew'' her and Chris would bond immediately on the set of their latest science-fiction movie, and now credits him as one of her ''really close friends''.

She said: ''If the people sucked then it would be awful because there's nowhere to hide, there's no one else to hang out with.

''But Pratt, I knew we would get along and we did and we became really close friends really fast and then Michael Sheen, I've been wanting to work with him forever. Yeah, he's incredible and really talented and then he's also hilarious, so that was really exciting.''