The Hunger Games star caused a furore in the ongoing Hollywood equality debate last month (Oct15) when she went public with her feelings about her salary for American Hustle.

In an essay written for Lena Dunham's Lenny newsletter, Lawrence revealed the wage difference between herself and her male co-stars in the film was greater than it should have been - and she felt awful for not negotiating better.

The salary split was made public during last year's (14) Sony database hack.

But the actress has reiterated she holds no one at Sony responsible, telling WENN, "There definitely wasn't any foul play involved on Sony's part. They're not gonna give somebody more money if they don't ask for it."

Asked if she'd like to address her Lenny remarks and clear up any outstanding confusion about what she wrote, Lawrence adds, "I would love to straighten out what I was writing about. Yes, I did not make as much as my male co-stars but it wasn't so much complaining about I wasn't getting paid more because I'm a woman; it was more of how did my mentality get in my own way of fighting just as hard as the men to get a better deal? Is that because I'm a woman? That's the only point of view I have is from a woman's point of view."

"A lot of things have to be rearranged and exceptions have to be made when you're gonna have that many movie stars in one movie," she explains. "I hoped to just write more about how my own fears of 'how am I going to be portrayed' or 'how am I going to look', or 'how will people judge me', got in my way when obviously the men in the movie don't think that way."

Jennifer also addresses some of the backlash she received online when she went public with her thoughts and feelings: "Some website called it, 'Jennifer Lawrence's Bratty Display'," she snarls. "I was like, 'Thank you for completely making my point that if a woman goes and speaks up and is assertive and has a voice she's gonna be called a brat!' I just don't see a man being called a brat."