Jennifer Lawrence's relationship with Darren Aronofsky is getting ''serious''.

The Academy Award-winning actress and the acclaimed director have been dating since 2016 and their relationship has become stronger and more meaningful over time.

A source explained: ''Things are getting serious with them. They are so in love with each other.''

Jennifer, 26, and Darren, 48, both love to laugh and their shared sense of humour is said to be the foundation of their relationship.

The source told E! News: ''Jennifer always cracks jokes and Darren just gets her humour. They laugh all the time!''

The celebrity couple are believed to have already discussed their long-term future together, but they are not planning to get married anytime soon.

Meanwhile, an insider previously claimed that Jennifer is comfortable with the age gap between herself and Darren because she has matured over recent years.

The source explained: ''Jennifer is comfortable with an older guy because she is mature and focused.''

What's more, Jennifer previously revealed she would be prepared to sacrifice her career for the sake of love.

The actress is one of the best-paid stars in Hollywood, but Jennifer suggested she would be willing to reject millions of dollars in order to experience personal happiness.

Asked if she'd ever give up her professional ambitions in the pursuit of happiness with a man, she explained: ''I guess it depends on the love. Is that really mean? Does that sound super callous [to say] it depends on the love?

''I mean if you were facing getting a really good job and the love that you're with is kinda like 'maybe it's momentary' then like choose the job.

''But if you're like - this is love for the rest of my life then - screw the job!''