The Hunger Games: Catching Fire stars Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Clafin were so accident prone on the set of the movie they believe there's a short film of all their mishaps just waiting to be added to the Dvd release.

Hardly a day went by without the actors falling, banging their heads or stumbling and Clafin is convinced film fans would love to see their clumsy moments.

He says, "There should be a whole sizzle reel of us just falling over... I fell when we were just standing there. Jennifer was just as bad, though."

Lawrence adds, "Sam is the clumsiest, most accident prone person in the world. He broke his hand within the first week . He walked into a twig and his eye was bleeding. He fell every single scene... and I hit myself with my bow and I flew backwards."

And their clumsiness caught on, Lawrence tells Entertainment Weekly, "The funniest thing that happened was when Josh (Hutcherson) got down on one knee to propose to me - and his pants ripped."

Director Francis Lawrence admits he enjoyed his cast's accident - and there was one he relished after his leading lady tumbled down a ramp in her character Katniss Everdeen's wedding dress.

He recalls, "You went down and it was one of those squeaky slow slides down the rail, all the way to the bottom."