Jennifer Lawrence became the butt of jokes after she won her Oscar.

The blonde-beauty was targeted with jibes from her 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' co-stars following her win for Best Female actress at the prestigious award ceremony earlier this year, in particular when she forgot her lines in the script whilst filming the movie.

Speaking at a press conference in London's Corinthia Hotel, Jennifer's co-star Josh Hutcherson laughed: ''It's funny every time she forgets a line, we'd go ' Woops, well you better give that Oscar back!' So I think for her she became an even bigger target on set. I think that she was already a big target and then after her Oscar win she became an even bigger target.''

The hunky actor - who plays Jennifer's onscreen love interest - claims she didn't let the Oscar win go to her head, and she failed to bring the gold statue to the set in celebration.

Josh, 21, added to BANG Showbiz: ''She didn't bring her Oscar, I'm curious as to who brings their Oscar on set after they win it. She didn't change at all.''