SINGLE WHITE FEMALE star Jennifer Jason Leigh has been enjoying a taste of British tabloid journalism as she prepares for a new movie role as a scandal-starter.

The actress will play the deputy editor of a tabloid newspaper in new movie RAG TALE and she prepared for the role by attending premieres and parties with co-star Ian Hart and mingling with the press.

She says, "It's all about rag newspapers like The Sun. Ian Hart plays a photographer so he went out with paparazzi guys and went to premieres and his friends would be going down the red carpet saying, 'Ian, what are you doing here!'

"I don't read the tabloids and I haven't really been in them, so it was an interesting education to start reading them. They're just filled with lies and they can do it because somewhere buried deep in the article there's a thing that says, 'We made this up somehow, someway.'

"But the headline and the photograph doesn't tell you that, so it's kind of creepy. The people that do it take it very seriously. It's not a joke, so you have to get into that headframe."

06/04/2005 21:30