Production on Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard's new film about the ex-wife of South African leader Nelson Mandela will go ahead as planned - despite the threat of legal action from WINNIE MANDELA herself.
The two stars are set to play man and wife in filmmaker Darrell J. Roodt's new movie, Winnie, with shooting set to commence on 31 May (10) in South Africa.
However, the start date was thrown into doubt when Winnie Mandela's lawyers threatened movie bosses with a lawsuit if they didn't consult her over the storyline.
The film's producer Andre Pieterse reveals a legal letter stated she "would like to see the script and approve".
But Pieterse and Roodt decided the film would be a "well researched" screenplay "without any influence from any of the main characters".
He adds, "A lawyer's letter came some weeks ago. It was a benign letter and yet it contained the threat of an indictment, an interdict that could stop the picture.
"If the film maligns her in any way then there will be a legal basis for her to take action."