Jennifer Hudson's new slimline figure has made her unrecognisable to her old schoolmates - because they can't believe she's lost so much weight.
The Dreamgirls star recently revealed her new slimmer look, months after giving birth to her son David Jr. last August (09).
Hudson had previously limited her diet to lean meats and egg whites, cutting out all calorie-packed foods, but admits the results were never long lasting.
She tells People magazine, "I was avoiding all of these foods. I haven't had ice cream in 10 years! (But the weightloss was) only temporary. Then you go right back to where you came from."
But, after signing up to become the new spokesperson for WeightWatchers, Hudson dropped 60 pounds (27 kilograms) - and now her old pals can barely recognise her.
She says, "People are like, 'You look so familiar... Did I go to school with you?' No one recognises me anymore!"