Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson was added to the cast of Sex And The City for the cult TV show's movie adaptation so there would be a young black face in the mix.
Sarah Jessica Parker reveals director Michael Patrick King was very keen to sign Hudson up to play Carrie Bradshaw's assistant in the much-anticipated new film - because she could serve two huge areas of Sex And The City's audience.
She explains, "First of all we needed to have a 20-year-old in this movie; we really have to remember that there is a significant audience now that are very, very young.
"It's a great way of reminding people who Carrie was when she came to New York; what was New York, what did it mean to her...And African-American women and women of colour have been a big part of our audience for a long time (and) we really haven't been responsible to them."
And Parker couldn't imagine a better onscreen assistant for her Bradshaw: "She is especially lovely in this movie... She is remarkably beautiful and she's probably about eight inches taller than I am and she is a presence."