Jennifer Hudson wants her custody battle to stay private.

The 'Voice' coach has filed a motion asking to ban the public from having access to ''upcoming child-related legal proceedings'' ahead of a trial that is due to take place between herself and former fiance David Otunga in connection to their nine-year-old son David Jr. next month.

According to The Blast, Jennifer filed the motion last month and the wrestler has asked for an extension to respond, insisting the 37-year-old singer will not be prejudiced by giving him more time to submit a response.

The trial is scheduled to take place in Chicago from March 11 and is expected to last for five days.

The former couple will testify and argue over who should pay support and who should get a greater share of custody of their son.

Last year, Jennifer filed for an emergency order of protection after accusing the WWE commentator of pushing her while holding David, and though it was granted by the court, the 37-year-old singer later dropped the petition altogether.

Both David - who denied pushing his former partner - and the 'Dreamgirls' star have filed a number of motions against each other, accusing one another of playing legal games.

At one point, Jennifer said she was worried David would kidnap their son, while he accused her of trying to defame him.

He argued she had made creative negative press about him her priority, rather than protecting their only child.

In court documents, David claimed Jennifer issued an exclusive statement to People about their split, saying her actions were ''solely taken in the best interest of their son'', at the same time he was being served with an emergency order of protection.

He alleged the statement damaged his reputation and at the time it was released, he was being forcibly removed from their home in front of their son, and Jennifer wasn't even there.

A court order is in place prohibiting the former couple from disseminating photos or making comments about their son, but the wrestling star previously claimed the 'Spotlight' singer had violated the order by giving an interview to an entertainment news show, which showed various photos of David Jr., and mentioned him by name throughout.