Jennifer Hudson has accused David Otunga of trying to make her look bad.

The 'Spotlight' singer has filed an emergency motion to the court seeking to stop her former fiance or his associates from speaking to the press of posting on social media about their custody dispute over son David Jr., eight, as she has claimed the ex-wrestler has been leaking false information to try and make himself better.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, the 36-year-old star has claimed her former partner or his team have been telling media outlets he won primary custody of their son, but she insists that is false.

And though she dropped an order of protection against the 37-year-old grappler last month, she insisted that was because he agreed to vacate their family home, not because he won custody of the youngster.

She also stated David had signed a confidentiality agreement in August, but he is now denying the authenticity of the signature on the agreement.

Jennifer claimed David is deliberately trying to place her in a false light by creating negative news, and she thinks that is harmful to both their child and her career.

But the 'Voice' coach insisted that without her income, they would all be in financial ruin, and she described her ex-partner's career goals as ''voluntary underemployment''.

As well as wanting the court to ban David and his team from speaking out, she also wants him to be found in contempt and for the court to order him to issue a press release stating he never won primary custody of David Jr. and all the reports he has contributed to were false.

The order has not yet been ruled on.