Jennifer Hudson sang to her horse to ''break the ice''.

The 35-year-old singer enjoyed a day out with her family to prematurely celebrate National Cousin's Day (24.07.17) and to ensure she wasn't bucked off her filly, she decided to belt out ballads to the four-legged animal before mounting her.

The 'If This Isn't Love' hitmaker documented her adventure on her Instagram account, where she posted a string of videos and images.

Alongside one photograph of Jenifer with her horse Dolly, she wrote: ''Dolly was my horse and I sang to her to break the ice ! I think it worked ! After all we just met ! (sic)''

Jennifer also posted a video of her riding Dolly as she sang the lyrics ''All the King's horses'' to the mammal.

Speaking in the clip, she said: ''This is National Cousin's Day again, and this task and adventure is riding horses.

''My horse is dolly is walking in her own crap right now.

''All the King's horses. I've been singing to my horse and all our horses.''

Jennifer also revealed her outing was inspired by Miley Cyrus.

Another picture of Jennifer with the horse outside the stables was captioned: ''#mileycyrus inspired me to ride a horse . So here I go guys ! (sic)''

But it seemed Jennifer needs to get used to horse riding as she had to urge Dolly to ''slow down'' during her trotting session.

Alongside an image of the 'Dreamgirls' actress tugging at the reins, she wrote: ''Wow slow down now horsey ! (sic)''

Following the horse ride, Jennifer and her relatives enjoyed a picnic and a water fight, which saw the chart-topping singer get drenched by the rest of her family.

A video of Jennifer being doused in water read: ''I started the water fight with the kids and they jacked me up ! National cousins day ! Horse riding picnic ! (sic)''