Jennifer Hudson almost missed out on her Oscar-winning role in Dreamgirls after she was given the wrong version of the film's pivotal tune by mistake ahead of her audition.

The former American Idol hopeful was determined to make a big impression on casting directors and made sure she knew And I'm Telling You backwards for her try out as Effie White - but she had rehearsed the wrong rendition.

She tells Wenn, "Actually my worst audition was for Dreamgirls. It was my first audition for the role. They sent the sheet music for the big song, but there is the movie version and the Broadway version of the song, and I didn't know that at the time.

"When I got to the audition there was another young lady in the room and she's singing a different version of the song. Turns out they missed some of the sheet music and didn't send me all the music. I almost completely blew my chances of getting the role and it wasn't my fault.

"I said, 'I'm gonna be professional and I'm not gonna complain about it'. So I just sang what I had from the song and I still got the role."