Jennifer Hudson needed four days and a fleet of cranes to decorate her house for Christmas.

The 'Spotlight' singer goes all out for the festive season and had a lighting spectacular constructed in the grounds of her home last month.

She admitted: ''For Christmas there's four cranes outside the house and they're putting lights up. It took four days for them to do it this year. I am serious about it.''

Jennifer - who has eight-year-old son David Jr. with former fiance David Otunga - began her Christmas preparations on November 1, as soon as her Halloween celebrations were over.

Speaking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', in an interview which will air on Monday (11.12.17), she said: ''No really guys. In my house the day after Halloween that is when my holiday season starts. So the next day after Halloween I was embarrassed, I ain't going to lie. My whole yard was lit up it's like a holiday forest, full of lights, in my yard, the day after Halloween.

''The airport, O'Hare airport, the people who decorate O'Hare airport, remember the movie 'Home Alone', remember that Christmas decoration as you go up the hallway he is running to get the plane, the same people who decorated that decorate my house.

But 'The Voice' star does not think her neighbours are fazed by the brightness coming from her home, as she believes she is actually doing the locals a favour by lighting up the entire street with her decorations.

She explained: ''Well my other neighbour will warn me about the lights, like 'You know this will run up your light bill now, you make sure you turn out all of your lights because its a lot of lights'. But it lights up the block so that's a good thing.

''That's why I work so hard.''