Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson jetted home to America from the set of her new Winnie Mandela biopic in South Africa - so she could spend one day with her baby son.
Hudson, who lost her mother, brother and nephew in a gruesome murder in 2008, is desperate to be the doting mum she had growing up in Chicago, Illinois - and being on locations thousands of miles away can be difficult.
The actress/singer was forced to leave her one year old David Otunga Jr. behind to film Darrell Roodt's new biopic, in which she plays Nelson Mandela's ex-wife - but she took the first opportunity she had to fly home.
Hudson explains, "I was in South Africa for four months and I was only able to come home for one day and I was debating on should I go home or not. And I was like, 'You know what? My momma would do it for me, so I need to get up and go sit by my child.'
"I hopped on that plane, I slept on the plane, I got there, I stayed the day and I flew right back. That's things my mother would have done. And so everything I do I try to go from her example that she gave us."
Hudson, who is raising her son with fiance and pro wrestler David Otunga, still looks to her mother to guide her.
She continues, "There's not a day that goes by that I don't hear my mother in my head... Everything I do I try to reflect to be sure that she's proud of me. I try to think, 'Would my mother be pleased about this? What would she say about that?' And that's what keeps me going, knowing she's proud of me."