Jennifer Hudson has dropped her restraining order against David Otunga.

The 36-year-old singer sought an emergency order of protection earlier this month after she split from her fiance, but according to The Blast, she voluntarily motioned to have it vacated on Monday (27.11.17) in Illinois, and a judge signed it off.

In return, the 37-year-old wrestling commentator agreed to not go back to Jennifer's house.

Under the terms of the order, David was not entitled to spend time with the former couple's son, eight-year-old David Jr., until their next court date, and any time he did get with the youngster required written approval from the 'Spotlight' singer.

David doesn't view the quashing of the order as a ''victory'', but the pair are now planning to work together on what is best for their son.

A source told People magazine: ''This wasn't a victory for David. Jennifer dropped the order so they could remove the matter from the courtroom and work together to do what is best for their child.''

According to the insider, Jennifer is still acting as primary caregiver for David Jr. and paying for any childcare costs that arise.

The decision to drop the order comes shortly after the 'Dreamgirls' star agreed to modify it so David could have his son for Thanksgiving, though the sportsman had initially had a request for the order to be thrown out denied in court.

In the original request for the order, Jennifer claimed she had been ''living in fear'' of her former fiance.

She also wrote in court documents: ''I am afraid that D. Otunga will continue to physically intimidate and abuse me. He has a history of physical and emotional abuse, and I am afraid that his physical attacks will continue to escalate, especially due to the contentious nature of our parentage proceedings.''

David has denied any claims of abuse or harassment.