Jennifer Hudson is urging her fans to follow a healthy diet after becoming the latest star to sign up to America's Got Milk? campaign.
The Dreamgirls singer/actress has joined the likes of Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn by shooting a new advertisement for the American Dairy Council.
In the ad, Hudson sports a 'milk moustache' on her top lip and says, "How do I keep my show on the road? Milk. Its wholesome goodness helps make my family strong at every stage. Talk about a powerful performance."
And Hudson is happy to join the long-running campaign because she wants her six-month-old son David Jr. to follow her lead.
She tells E! News, "I'm very excited to be part of the milk moustache campaign. I think milk was a part of everybody's tradition in their family. It keeps you healthy and strong so it was definitely part of my upbringing for sure. I definitely want it on my kitchen table."