Jennifer Garner's friends wants her to join a dating app.

The 46-year-old actress is currently single after splitting from former husband Ben Affleck in 2015 and her pals think she is ''actual perfection'' who any guy would love to date.

Her friend Sara Foster - dating app Bumble BFF's head of creative - told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''People say all these [wonderful] things on a red carpet, lifting everyone up, but I'm actually being really honest... Jen Garner is actual perfection.

''I said [to her], 'Let's get you on Bumble,' because guys are obsessed with her. I would set her up with an athletic guy. She needs an athletic guy. Like, [someone] strong that can take her because she can kick [butt].''

Sara added that her friend would be a real catch, describing her as her ''total girl crush''.

She said: ''I love Jen. She's to me, like, my total girl crush. She's the best. She can cook, she can really do it all. She can, like, kick your butt, and she's beautiful.''

Although Jennifer and Ben - who have children Violet, 12, Seraphina, nine, and six-year-old Samuel - are divorced, they remain on good terms and the former 'Alias' actress even drove the 46-year-old star to rehab last month.

She has also been there to support him and make sure he's in ''a safe place''.

A source recently said: ''This has been a rough few days and [Jennifer] wants nothing more than to feel [Ben] is getting the help that he needs...

''She is used to putting on a brave face, and handling Ben's addiction, but the process has been very exhausting for her. She won't give up on Ben because he is the father of her kids.''