Jennifer Garner struggles to cope with three children.

The 'Butter' actress gave birth to son Samuel in February, her third child with husband Ben Affleck, and although she is thrilled with her brood, Jennifer admitted adjusting to raising three kids was tough.

Speaking on chat show 'Conan', she said: ''We wanted a third and we had a third, and I wouldn't trade him for anything. But, you know how two feels like six? Three just put me right over the edge.''

Jennifer joked: ''After Samuel's birth, I was going up to anyone on the street saying, 'Would you please come work at my house? Would you please come help me? Just take a child. Do something'.''

Jennifer also has daughters Violet, six, Seraphina, three with Ben, and while she is happy to stop expanding her family, she recently revealed she is worried about Ben's ''wonder sperm'' getting her pregnant again.

She said: ''I definitely plan to be done. But my husband is kind of a wonder sperm kind of guy.''

Speaking recently, Ben said he was concerned he was not around his children enough and relied on Jennifer to provide for them.

He said: ''I am not very present in the rest of my life. My wife's very patient. She does everything. If I have time, I try to spend time with my kids, even if just to be a physical presence, the bath, whatever.''