Jennifer Garner loves to sing her children to sleep.

The 46-year-old actress has daughters Violet, 12, and Seraphina, nine, as well as son Samuel, six, with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, and has said that whilst her daughters are getting a little too old for a bedtime cuddle, she still makes sure to sing to her son ''every night''.

She said: ''I sang to my son last night. I sing putting them to bed every night. My son is the last one little enough to still be sung to, although I will whip it out for the others if I feel like they can use a little soothing.''

And whilst the 'Peppermint' actress has a whole catalogue of songs up her sleeve, her most popular request is 'Rainbow Connection' from 'The Muppets Movie'.

She added: ''I have sung 'Rainbow Connection' probably 16 million times but I definitely mix it up. That one is definitely a staple - if all else fails, 'Rainbow Connection.'''

Jennifer has a whole night time routine with her brood, and says ''there's no better feeling'' than giving her kids a cuddle before bed.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: ''We've read, the lights are out, he's folded up on me, there's a favourite blanket, he's on my lap and I rock him and sing 'Rainbow Connection'.

''It's so soothing. There's no better feeling than a little kid in your lap while you rock him and sing to him.''

It isn't just bedtime Jennifer enjoys with her children either, as she previously admitted she loves to go ''backyard camping'' with her brood, where they sleep out under the stars and cook food on an open fire.

The 'Camping' star said: ''I'm a big backyard camper. My kids and I camp in the backyard every year. We just spoke this morning about when we're going to do it.

''The only thing that matters is s'mores. Make whatever you want - hamburgers, eggs over the fire - but s'mores are all they'll remember. I like camping with a group of girlfriends too.''