Jennifer Garner likes her action roles to be ''grounded in emotion''.

The 46-year-old actress decided to make a return to action movies for her new film 'Peppermint' and was inspired to do so because she found it ''really satisfying'' seeing her character get revenge.

She said: ''To me, if you're going to do an action movie, it has to be grounded in emotion. And the emotion, whatever happens, has to be strong enough that it makes you just - you have no choice to fight, you have no choice to pick up a weapon. This was an expression of that mom rage. It's a fantasy, it's obviously not how everyone should live. Greek tragedy - there's something really satisfying about watching somebody take control of a situation and have some revenge.''

'Peppermint' follows the story of Riley North (Garner) who seeks revenge after her husband and daughter die in a brutal attack. And when the justice system doesn't seem to be handing out to the murderers what she thinks they deserve, she takes it upon herself to seek revenge.

Jennifer took a back seat from action roles for a while to be with her family.

Asked why she shelved action movies for a while, she added: ''I was having babies and they don't really go together. It's really hard. I did 'Kingdom' when I had a little baby and it's tricky on your body. My kids are all at school now, I have the time to train, so it's much more about schedule and things like that.''

And Jennifer feels ''so lucky'' to not be typecast into any specific role.

She told ''I feel so lucky. I do big movies, little movies, action movies, drama movies, comedies. I feel lucky that that hasn't happened.''