Jennifer Garner is the ''chief executive officer'' of her household.

The 42-year-old actress has revealed she takes it upon herself to organise the differing schedules of her husband, Oscar winner Ben Affleck, and their three kids - Violet, eight, Seraphina, five, and two-year-old Sam - and doesn't think they're any different than the ''average family''.

She explained: ''There's nothing like brain surgery about it - it's all logistics and schedules and remembering to pack lunches, and who has a karate class after school, and thinking about what food we already have in the refrigerator, and what I need to buy more of to cook dinner.

''I was writing cheques this morning to various people who have done things around the house and I started to laugh because I suddenly thought, 'I bet Ben doesn't even know this person's last name, let alone how much we pay them.' But that's how we divide the jobs.''

The 'Dallas Buyers Club' star admits it is a ''juggle'' to maintain her career, support her husband's career and take care of the household.

Jennifer told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''There's always a ball up in the air and you just hope you manage to get your hand out to catch that ball before it splats to the ground.

''I'm constantly thinking, 'OK, I have this kid starting pre-school and that kid starting kindergarten this fall so I need to be home for that chunk of time, and my husband is going to be doing this at that time, so I need to be home then.' ''