Jennifer Garner lost her car in a parking lot.

The former 'Alias' actress spent 25 minutes searching the rows of vehicles in the building looking for her own motor on Thursday (21.11.19) and admitted it wasn't the first time it had happened to her.

She shared a video on Instagram along with the caption: ''I would like to tell you this was an isolated incident, but...''

In the clip, Jennifer walked through the car park while clutching a teddy bear and admitted: ''We've been walking for 10 minutes...It's in [section] Y.(sic)''

The video then cut to the 'Peppermint' star by clicking her key fob but soon ran into another problem.

She said: ''Oh, you know whats happening? We're out of batteries... I should be on 'CSI Miami'.''

Jennifer - who has children Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, seven, with ex-husband Ben Affleck - then got into the car of her friend, who was filming the video, so they could circle the garage to find her own vehicle.

She said: ''Where's your car? Oh gosh, this is where it gets complicated.

I remember thinking about what to do. It wont take us long to do that loop because I might have done that or I might not, I can't tell you...

''I'm sweating. It's taken me 25 minutes of looking for a car on a one-level parking garage.''

Despite her insistence the vehicle had been left in section Y of the facility, the 'Wonder' actress eventually found it in section F.

She exclaimed: ''I see it! This has nothing to do with what I said it was. I said it was that way in Y. It's so rude just to move someone's car to F.''