Jennifer Garner helps Ben Affleck find balance between work and his personal life.

The 'Butter' actress - who has children Violet, six, Seraphina, three and seven-month-old Samuel with the 'Argo' star - is the only one who can make him take a step back from work and relax, according to friends.

A source told Us Weekly: ''He tends to get wrapped up in work. Jennifer is the one who can get him out if it.

She has him figured out and will never let him down.''

Ben recently revealed he feels luckier than he ever has and it's all down to his family.

He said: ''I'm very lucky . . . I feel tremendously grateful. I have a great family. I'm very inspired by where my career is right now. I'm fortunate . . . I'm happy with where I am.''

He also admires the way his spouse never bears ill will towards anyone, but admitted it can be frustrating when she finds his irritations ''petty and small''.

He said: ''Jennifer truly is kind. She means no one any harm. She doesn't have ill will for any person. She's not competitive with other people. She's not spiteful. It's one of those things where it becomes almost aggravating at times. Every time I go, 'F**k him!' I see in her face that she just thinks that's petty and small.''