Actress Jennifer Garner wants to make a return to action movies after visiting her husband Ben Affleck on the set of his new crime drama Runner, Runner.
The beauty made her name in the crime-fighting TV series Alias, and went on to star in superhero film Daredevil and its spin-off Elektra, but since becoming a mother in 2005, she has opted for more dramas and romantic comedies like Juno and Valentine's Day.
Garner, who gave birth to her third child, son Samuel, in February (12), insists she adores her job as a parent but she has started to crave more fast-paced projects and is eager to get her adrenaline pumping again.
She tells U.S. tabloid The Globe, "I don't mind being a soccer mum. I am most certainly a go-and-sit-on-the-sideline mum. I love it. But I do miss the action. I would love to do some action again and shock myself a little."
And she admits a recent visit to Affleck's latest film set only piqued her interests as she reconnected with old colleagues from her action past.
She says, "I just visited my husband's set in Puerto Rico, and most of the crew knew me when I was doing action, and they were saying, 'Hey Jen, remember that fight scene?' It felt as if I was a different person than the one they were talking about. I do miss that part of my life a little."
But Garner accepts she may not be as daring as she was in her Alias days now she's got kids: "I don't know if I'd be as cavalier about jumping off a building again!"