Jennifer Garner used to babysit for Stephen Colbert.

The 41-year-old actress celebrated the news that comedian Stephen will take over 'The Late Show' when David Letterman retires next year by sharing an anecdote about the star.

She revealed: ''I used to baby sit for Stephen Colbert.

''Stephen and I we were guest stars in 'Spin City' at the same time forever ago and I had maybe six lines but he had four. So we had all of this time to hang out together because it's not like they said, 'Oh, we're done with these two fools, let's let them go for the day' ... they just forgot about us.

''So we were just hanging out and then at the end he was like, 'You seem... normal. Would you babysit for me?' So my roommate and I babysat for little Madeline.''

Jennifer, who now has three kids - Violet, eight, Seraphina, four, and two-year-old Samuel - of her own with husband Ben Affleck admits the job wasn't well paid.

Appearing on 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' last night (10.04.14), she quipped: ''I was not making 10 bucks an hour, I am sure of it. He is so cheap. I'm sure he still owes me - and he never tipped!''

'The Daily Show' is on at midnight tonight on Comedy Central Extra.