Jennifer Garner attempted to get shoppers to try her brand's new baby food.

The 46-year-old actress attempted to entice shoppers at the Kroger supermarket in Cincinnati, Ohio, to try her 'Once Upon A Farm' line of baby food - but was hilariously rejected by the customers.

Posting the footage on her Instagram story, Jennifer said: ''Okay, I'm just hanging out at Kroger. Waiting.''

Her first attempt at speaking to a customer fails immediately, with him stating: ''I'm sorry, I'm really busy.''

The '13 Going On 30' star smiles and said: ''I understand. No problem!'' before turning around and frowning at the camera.

Several other clips shared to social media then show the actress - who has three kids, Violet, 12, Seraphina, nine, and Samuel, six, with her estranged husband Ben Affleck - approaching shoppers who all turn down her bizarre food samples.

The 'Peppermint' star did eventually find success with one customer telling her: ''That's good! I would eat that!''

Jennifer exclaimed: ''Did you see the delight?''

The actress' baby food range boasts ''organic'' produce that cuts out all of the ingredients that could be bad for a child's health and growth.

Speaking in a Facebook live last month, she explained: ''It's the first cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO, no sugar added, everything good that you would want to feed your baby.''

The 'Alias' actress has previously admitted that she doesn't often let her three children indulge in junk food, and prefers to give them healthier dishes.

She said: ''I'm not worried so much about junk food, because we don't have it in the house - although I don't want to be a freak about it, so that they just want to get their hands on it at all costs.

''It's more than you just want to make sure they're getting a rainbow of flavours and of foods.''