Hollywood star Jennifer Garner almost burned her Massachusetts home down recently, when she left a frying pan unattended. The ALIAS actress was cooking for her husband Ben Affleck and baby daughter VIOLET in their rented Cambridge house, when she was momentarily distracted. She says, "I love to cook but, um, I do have a little problem. Sometimes I'll cook a little hot. "We're staying in a rented house, and I didn't know how to put the vent on over the stove..." A few minutes later, the burning fat set the house fire alarm off, and chaos ensued. She explains, "It's (the alarm) saying, 'Fire, please leave the building. Fire, please leave the building.' "Ben's upset. So he rips the thing out of the wall... Sorry, to the people we are renting from! We will fix it. "Next thing, here they (firefighters) come. Hatchets, hats, full gear. We hear pound, pound, pound, pound, pound on the door. There were like eight firemen and I said, 'Well, I can fix you dinner. But it's probably gonna be burned.'"