Jennifer Garner is thrilling fans of her comic book super-heroine alter-ego ELECTRA by changing outfits for the DAREDEVIL spin-off.

Purists were disappointed her character wore black leather in Daredevil because the original comic book figure was scantily-clad in a fetching red leather outfit.

And X-FILES director Rob Bowman, who is taking charge of new movie ELECTRA, was determined to get it right.

Garners says, "People were definitely bummed about the black outfit. They thought she should definitely be in red. This time she's in the traditional red."

Garner, Bowman and costume experts had to work hard on the outfit - because it would have been too racy for the big screen if they stayed too true to the comic books.

Garner admits she loves the spin-off and she's thoroughly enjoying playing Electra.

She adds, "I would play her any day of the week and twice on Sundays."

04/07/2004 20:55