ALIAS star Jennifer Garner has sparked speculation she's pregnant with boyfriend Ben Affleck's baby, after being photographed with a plumper-than-usual stomach.

The brunette actress, who has been dating her DAREDEVIL co-star since the summer (JUL04), is shown in shots taken on 11 December (04) looking more full around the middle than usual.

And in another taken a day later, Garner covered her stomach as soon as she spotted a photographer, while a day later, she emerged on the streets of Los Angeles wearing a long, wide scarf covering her belly.

While Garner's representatives has refused to comment, Utah-based nutritional biochemist DR SHAWN M TALBOTT, who does not treat the actress, tells STAR magazine, "It really does look like Jen is pregnant. Where she seems to be gaining weight - lower belly and hips - is a typical change in shape for a young, fit, pregnant woman.

"Jen could have started early eating for the holidays but I think she looks more like she has a baby on the way!"

Judging from the photographs, it is predicted that Garner is four to five months pregnant.

16/12/2004 05:48