New mum Jennifer Garner has turned her back on the extreme diets adopted by Tinseltown mothers in favour of healthy eating and a light exercise regime. The ALIAS star, who gave birth to husband Ben Affleck's daughter VIOLET last December (05), has enlisted the help of fitness guru Valerie Waters to shed the two-and-a-half stone (16 kilograms) gained during her pregnancy. Waters says, "Jen is on target to getting back her pre-baby figure through moderate exercising and sensible eating. "She's not jumping on that celeb mum bandwagon of getting super-skinny, super-quickly. "She is more concerned about keeping healthy and spending time with Violet than anything else. So because she's a busy career woman and a hands-on mum who nurses the baby, it's unrealistic for her to aim for a rigorous exercise regime. "I think it's great that Jen doesn't obsess about her weight and is losing it at a sensible rate."