Actress Jennifer Garner desperately missed doing stunt work while she was pregnant and was thrilled she had the chance to jump off a 10-story building last week (15APR06). The ALIAS star did quite a bit of her own stuntwork on the show and had to take it easy while pregnant with daughter VIOLET. She explains, "I haven't done any of that stuff since I've been pregnant, so I told the stunt coordinator, 'Let's do it... after I put the baby to bed.'" The star leaped off US ABC network's office building last Saturday (15APR06), while filming the last season of her hit TV series. She adds, "When am I ever going to get the chance to jump off of the ABC building again?" The star, who plays superspy SYDNEY BRISTOW on the show, will soon put her daredevil days behind her. A source from the show says the actress is ready to stay home and "be a good old-fashioned mommy".