Celiac disease sufferer Jennifer Esposito has to scrutinise the ingredients of all of her make-up and beauty products after suffering serious side-affects to gluten found in her shampoo.

The former Blue Bloods actress was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder in 2009 after battling a slew of health issues which cost her a tooth and chunks of her hair.

She has since been forced to check through the list of ingredients for everything she uses on her body to ensure she doesn't end up causing herself unnecessary pain.

Esposito explains, "I was having such insane scalp fire, that's all I can say... it felt like my scalp was on fire and I realised the shampoo I was using had a little bit of gluten in it and I took it out and it felt better."

The actress is now turning her health battle into a new reality Tv series idea, titled Playing With Fire, about the debilitating effects of the disease.