Actress Jennifer Esposito has blasted producers of U.S. cop drama Blue Bloods, accusing them of acting illegally to dismiss her from the show.

Esposito, who played series regular Jackie Curatola, was cut out of the series after asking bosses at Tv network CBS to cut back her shooting schedule after she collapsed on set.

The actress, who suffers from autoimmune disorder Celiac Disease, called on her doctor to write to producers explaining why she needed a break.

But they allegedly refused to take note, and Esposito was written out of the show last month (Oct12).

The actress reveals that she is still banned from other roles and has not received the salary that she is owed.

She tells FOX News Channel's Arthel Neville, "Last week I was told I was on suspension, which meant I am still in contract, not being paid. It's completely illegal, but they also knew that I didn't have the money or the means to sue them...

"I have been in the business for 20 years. There has been so many types of injustice in this business, but it's what you sign up for; it is what it is. This, though, is something that is not about me. This is about a disease that people don't understand. What happened was ugliness. It makes me sick."