Jennifer Ellison has insisted that she won't let two grim accidents get in her way as the star battles through the celebrity reality show 'Dancing On Ice'. Former soap star and pop artist Ellison suffered a gruesome looking head injury last week on the live show, carrying on with blood soaked hair. She's now also revealed to the Daily Star newspaper that she suffered another cut - this time on her leg - whilst training with professional partner Dan Whiston.
"When I cut my head it was like being hit with a brick," said the 28 year-old of the live show incident, "I looked at Dan in shock but he didn't realise what had happened and threw me upside down. I honestly thought the back of my head would be hanging off when I finished. It was only when I put my hand on my head at the end that I realised how badly it was bleeding. I basically went into shock and was freezing cold."
She then revealed "I was training at Elstree on Friday when I had another accident. It was a painful deep cut where my skate blade had gouged into my leg." However she was insistent she'd be carrying on, saying "It was bad enough to need stitches but it's not going to stop me from skating. I'm getting straight back out on the ice for more training. Everyone will think I'm crazy but I'm not going to let a few cuts and scrapes get in my way."