Last night, Jennifer Ellison showed the Dancing on Ice judges that she's a little bit too flexible for her own good, as she kicked herself in the head with the blade of her ice skate during a complex routine. The incident happened as she and her partner Daniel Whiston performed the Valentines-themed routine to Peggy Lee's 'Fever.' The move, called a Scorpion Kick, involves the skater lifting one leg back up towards the head but Ellison misjudged her ability to extend her leg and the blade made contact with her head, causing it to bleed. When the dance finished, she could be seen clutching her head.
Luckily, the judges were impressed with her performance, which she continued to the end and kept her in the competition. The highest-scoring couple of the evening was Jorgie Porter and Matt Evers. Rosemary Conley and her partner Mark Hanretty were eliminated from the competition. Ellison reassured fans that were concerned about her by posting a message on the show's official website. The message read: "This is a message to everyone who has been in touch to see if I'm ok. I'm absolutely fine and I've been glued together. I've got a bit of a headache and I'll probably feel even worse in the morning, but thanks for all the support, it means so much to me. Hopefully I won't have to do the routine again!"
Jennifer Ellison has already had issues with her knee, during this series of the show and she's not the only contestant to have been injured. Keith Chegwin was forced to pull out of the show after he suffered a fractured shoulder and broken ribs, whilst Heidi Range dislocated one of her ribs. Chesney Hawkes has suffered a serious leg and ankle injury, whilst Charlene Tilton and Laila Morse both tore muscles in their shoulders. There are six weeks left of the show, before one couple is crowned champion.