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I pride myself on being a cinemaphile and love movies from virtually all eras, but most especially from the 1950's to the present. Over the last century many a lovely lady has graced the silver screen with her presence. I'm talking about beauties like Marilyn Monroe, Kim Novak, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Jessica Lange... I could be here all day naming names. But, quite honestly , I think Jennifer Coolidge is the most lovely, arresting, and outrageously sexy woman ever!A lovely cherubic face that is fresh and beautiful with eyes that twinkle and reveal warmth as well as a predilection for playful mischief. A beautiful blonde mane, luscious lips, an intoxicating, sultry voice, and the most heavenly bod EVER! I will never forget her as Stiffler's mom. I believe that is the role that will some day graner her legendary status, especially after HOllywood and the mainstream media get out of this "anorexic=gorgeous " phase they are in right now. Some day Jennifer Coolidge and other lovely full-figured women like her will get their due, but Jennifer will lead the pack , because she is so extraordinary in all physical facets. She is also one hell of a good comic actress. I enjoyed her in BEST IN SHOW and teh LEGALLY BLONDE movies. I am not neglecting her talent, but right now I just feel like devoting this essay to her pulchritude. I ran into an old friend recently and she told me that Jennifer is on the sitcom JOEY. I despise television, but I will make it a point to try and remember to watch JOEY when I am home on the nights the show airs.That is all I choose to say on this topic. Thank you Jennifer for being you , and please continue to turn out work product so I can enjoy all the many sides of yourself that you have to offer through your diverse characters. Each one is you--or a part of you--and they are all truly fascinating.--Anthony

Posted 12 years 4 months ago by jsupermare

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Jennifer Coolidge

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