Jennifer Connelly fears she's the worst celebrity flyer - but she's too nervous to take medication to calm her nerves. The Oscar winner admits she's a wreck on plane flights, and spends much of her time in the air in tears of panic. She says, "Nothing really works for me. I've tried kissing the plane and I think it's gonna make things better... I don't like the noises and I know that every time they're the same noises. "Every time there's that engine shift, it really freaks me out, any bump, I'm the one saying, like, 'Ohhhh...' and the tears start streaming down my face. It's really, really bad. "I should be medicated; I think I deserve it, and so does the rest of the cabin... I can't because I get nervous about that, like what if something happens? What if I'm the person who can't get off the plane or, heaven forbid, can't get my kids off the plane?" And Connelly's flying phobia hit new heights recently when the plane she was in almost landed - and then took off again without warning. She recalls, "It was an island (destination) and we almost landed and the plane tales off again - that's really bad for someone like me. "We start banking... and no one's saying anything and I'm the kind of person they need to tell me what the problem is. "I got my life preserver out. I kid you not, it was on my lap, I'm crying."