Actress Jennifer Carpenter helped other volunteers rebuild a New York City neighbourhood in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy last year (Oct12).

The actress, who lives in the Big Apple when she is not in California filming Dexter, was due to run the New York Marathon in November (12), but the event was cancelled due to the storm, so she turned her efforts to rebuilding the city instead.

She joined up with members of disaster relief group Team Rubicon to help out in a badly-hit area of Queens.

Carpenter tells Women's Running magazine, "I woke at 8am and went to Queens to volunteer in Rockaway with my Marine friend, Zach, and some other guys who are involved with this great disaster-relief organisation called Team Rubicon.

"The first house we visited, we did a week's worth of work - picking up debris, digging out sand, tearing down walls in just a couple of hours. It was disgusting, gross and hard, but no one stopped. I don't think we even took a water break."