Dexter will return for a seventh season, as the show's stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter confirmed to press at the Television Critics Association, and one thing that's for sure is that the cast and crew are determined to make sure the upcoming season is a hit.
Throughout the sixth season the general consensus among reviewers and some fans was that it was perhaps the worst outing for the usually reliable show, as one critic was keen to point out. However both Hall and Carpenter were quick to sidestep the issue, reiterating that regardless of what people thought of the last string of episodes, then the next series will blow them all out of the water.
The upcoming season is due to be hitting screens on September 30 and is set to introduce a new character played by Ray Stevensen, who will be taking on the role of a Russian mob overlord. Given what the premier of the season has shown so far, it looks as though all eyes are on Debra, whose eyes are firmly placed on Dexter as she looks to get to the bottom of his secrets.
A clip that was on show at the TCA conference also hinted at another surprise revelation, and that's that Dexter could be considering killing Debra!