Jennifer Beals' former business manager has filed a breach of contract suit against the actress in Los Angeles County Superior Court, in a row over commission.

Seven Summits Pictures And Management, who represented Beals between November 2001 and November 2003, argue that because they helped the actress get her role on THE L WORD they are entitled to 10 per cent commission from subsequent seasons.

The firm claims Beals only paid them commission for season one of the hit US TV series, which is now in its third season, and that she owes them more than $215,158 (GBP119,532) for seasons two and three.

Seven Summits' lawyer ALEXANDER RUFUS-ISAACS tells the New York Daily News, "Essentially, Miss Beals was way off the radar when they began to manage her, they helped put her back on the scene, and now that she's back in a big series, she goes and dumps them.

""But the way it works is, if somebody breaks their a*s and gets you a good gig, they're entitled to 10 per cent of the money. If The L Word goes into subsequent seasons the amount will go up."