Jennifer Beals is relishing working on US TV hit THE L WORD because her female co-stars know exactly how to cover up her physical insecurities during love scenes.

The FLASHDANCE beauty isn't afraid to ask her onscreen lesbian lovers to put their hands over her cellulite or to push up her breasts for certain shots because she does exactly the same for them.

The 43-year-old says, "You can say, 'I don't feel so great about this part of my body today. When we roll over, can you make sure your hand is covering that cellulite?'

"And you can have her augment things - I've had scenes where I went, 'Can you just lift it up, so I look a little bit more ripened?'

"Every guy I've ever done a love scene with has forgotten. But women understand what you mean, they understand how important it is. I'll cover yours if you cover mine."

16/02/2005 21:22