They may not have been there with her when she got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but Jennifer Aniston 's co-stars from Friends still stay in touch, she's told The Sun that filming the phenomenally successful filming sitcom "feels like yesterday."
In fact, the show ended in 2004, but Aniston says that when she happens upon a re-run of the show, she thinks "God, that was so much fun." She says that she still sees her co-stars from the show, revealing "I see Courteney (Cox) all the time. I haven't seen David (Schwimmer) in a while but we'll always be sort of forever connected." It's no secret that Jennifer Aniston had a troubled relationship with her mother, Nancy Dow - her father, John Aniston was present at her Walk of Fame ceremony, though there were no reports of her mother being there - and she suggests to the Sun reporter that the cast of Friends became a replacement family for her: "For some of us who grew up with not the best family, I think that really becomes your family."
Jennifer Aniston's latest movie, Wanderlust, has just hit cinema screens in the US and she has described the feeling on the set as a similar one to the feeling she had filming Friends: "If we had ten years with the Wanderlust group doing what we did and had that same energy, that magic was there." Of course, that may be down to the fact that it was during the filming of the movie that she met her current beau JUSTIN THEROUX.