Virtually all the reviews of Management discuss the odd casting of Jennifer Aniston opposite Steve Zahn. And there is widespread disagreement whether it works. On the one hand, Elizabeth Weitzman comments in the New York Daily News "It's to everyone's credit that by the time the movie is over, you'll wonder why they were never paired together before." On the other hand, Kyle Smith in the New York Post writes "The film is a failure if it can't convince us that these two people belong together. It can't, and barely tries, because its characters are mere types meant to illustrate the blankness of corporate life and how desperately it needs zany free spirits to show it the way." Most of the reviews are of the so-so variety. Joe Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal calls it "modestly enjoyable." Other critics employ the words "sweet" and "creepy" alternately to describe it. And Mick La Salle observes in the S an Francisco Chronicle "A week from now, no one will be talking about Management and that's an easy guess, because no one is talking about it even now. With Star Trek, Angels and Demons and Terminator Salvation sucking all the available oxygen at the multiplexes, the only real chance Management ever had was to be a masterpiece, and, like most movies, it just isn't."