Nicholas Cage's new thriller Knowing topped box office sales in the UK and Ireland at the weekend, after a string of box office flops for the National Treasure star.

Knowing took £1.5 million from Friday to Sunday and almost £2.5 million when sales from preview performances on Wednesday and Thursday were added. The film's release repeated its success in America two weeks ago when it took $24.8 million (£17.34 million).

The film follows the story of a man trying to stop apocalyptic predictions he finds buried in a time capsule at his son's school.

Cage's last few Hollywood products have not had quite the same success. His last film, Bangkok Dangerous, took just £307,000 on its opening weekend and 2007's Next only managed £795,000. The Wicker Man also pulled in just £736,000 when it opened in 2006.

The National Treasure series was more successful for the actor, with National Treasure: Book of Secrets' debut earning £2.48 million.

Marley and Me, starring Jennifer Aniston slid into second place behind Knowing at the weekend, with The Haunting in Connecticut taking third place and £1.1 million.

The controversial Brian Clough biopic, The Damned United, debuted at number five. The film, depicting Clough's notoriously short spell as manager of Leeds United, has upset the former manager's family.

This week's top ten does not include Dreamworks' Monsters vs Aliens, which was shown in preview performances across the country at the weekend.

The action comedy, which took the title of biggest box office sales of the year in the US this weekend, will go on general release in the UK on Friday.

Top 10 films at the UK box office this weekend were: (position last week)

1. Knowing (-)
2. Marley and Me (2)
3. The Haunting in Connecticut (-)
4. Paul Blart: Mall Cop (-)
5. The Damned United (-)
6. Duplicity (3)
7. Gran Torino (-)
8. Lesbian Vampire Killers (-)
9. Watchmen (9)
10. The Young Victoria (-)

31/03/2009 16:02:41