Jennifer Aniston has been pitied as America's sweetheart who lost her husband to Angelina Jolie, but the FRIENDS star's bounce-back has shown that she is one tough cookie.

Apart from starring in the ironically titled THE BREAK-UP shortly after announcing her split from Brad Pitt, and telling the media to move on from reporting about her failed marriage, Aniston has thrown herself into her job - with much critical acclaim.

Her latest venture was a stint on the other side of the camera, directing a short film for Glamour Reel Moments in aid of charity.

Aniston teamed up with pal ANDREA BUCHANAN to direct the film ROOM 10, starring ROBIN WRIGHT PENN and Kris Kristofferson.

The film was screened at this weekend's Santa Barbara International Film Festival in California and it has been hailed as a touching portrayal of the real-life story of Glamour magazine reader Colleen Goldrick.

It tells the tale of a veteran nurse whose relationship with an ER patient makes her rethink her life and in particular, her deteriorating marriage.

And it's not just fans and critics who had praise for Aniston, as one of the film's stars, singer Kristofferson, said the actress also shone behind the cameras.

He said: "I have so much respect for Jennifer as an actress; it's very easy for me to take direction from her."

Aniston has also revealed that a former girlfriend of her ex-husband had inspired her to take on the charity project.

Gwyneth Paltrow, who dated BRAD PITT in the 90s, directed the short film DEALBREAKERS for the Glamour project in 2005 and after seeing the film, Aniston decided to get involved as well.

05/02/2007 12:35:08